How to get a BLUECARD

1.    You need to ATTEND A BLUECARD TRAINING COURSE in work, health and safety (WHS) that is offered by a TEACHO licenced training provider. Bluecard training is not offered 'on-line'.
2.    SELECT A TRAINING PROVIDER from the 'Provider' list on the homepage. Each provider charges a fee for their course in addition to the Bluecard fee of $55.00.
3.    Following the training course, the training provider will forward your details to us to enable printing and delivery of your Bluecard.
4.    Bluecard processing will take at least 7 working days from when we receive your details and payment. Your training provider normally receives delivery of your Bluecard and forwards it to you.
5.    Once you RECEIVE your Bluecard, RECORD YOUR NUMBER and other details for future reference.